What Being a Pilot taught me about product development.

  1. Flight Planning and Business Strategies: Just like in business, flying requires a meticulous plan. While I plotted courses and studied maps, I learned that even if the actual flight journey had different waypoints and detours, the goal was always the same: reaching the destination safely. In business, this translates to crafting an exact plan with all available data. It’s essential to have a clear target and, even if the path changes along the way, keep that endpoint in sight. With flexibility and perseverance, you’ll most often reach your target.

Digitalize if you want to survive.

It’s been almost 10 years since Marc Andreesen published his article Software is eating the world. Essentially, this was a warning to all entrepreneurs around the world that computer technology and software would fundamentally disrupt every industry in the future.

And I have this nagging feeling that too many managers of European companies haven’t taken this warning seriously enough. Even engineering-driven conglomerates, like the German automotive companies or machinery manufacturers, struggle with digitalization.

Many companies are now spending more money on software technology than ever before. Many have also introduced modern methods of agile software development like Scrum in their software departments. But that’s not enough to become a digital company.

Success Factors for Digital Transformation

1. Understanding Digital Transformation

  • How is the value chain of the core business changing and what are the implications for one’s business model?
  • What distinguishes modern hyper-global scalable tech platform models in the respective areas from the rest of the companies? (Business, Organization, Approach)
  • Technology is not just a necessary cost factor; simply investing more in technology is not enough for a successful transformation
  • The competence to build technological products and platforms must become central to a company Good example Pixar: Technology is utilized far better than all traditional film productions, technology teams are valued just as much as the creative teams.

The 10 biggest mistakes in digital transformation.

  1. Not understanding that digital technology needs to move to the core of the company.
  2. Lacking understanding of how tech platforms operate.
  3. Believing that agile development is enough to create the best digital product.

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